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The Abouts

About the Blog

​​If you are looking for some religious fiend and their thoughts on theology, your search engine has failed you. I am just a slightly egotistical woman who wants to share her takes and feelings with the world. I’ll talk about anything from take-out to film takes––the two most essential cornerstones of my being.––which is why I started this blog: Faith’s Takes. This is where I’ll talk about all the stuff I talk to myself about, but now with an audience (hopefully.) I'll also be sprinkling bits of my life, my takes, and the numerous other topics out there, in here. While my mom thinks this blog should be named “Food &TV,” these are Faith’s Takes; read if you dare.

About the Author



Oh, how to carefully word my small yet ever-dramatic 21 years on this small planet. Well, the most pivotal time period was my 13 years in hell. Now my body was not burning alongside the worse men and women in our history, but with tomorrow’s 1%. From the ages of 5 to 18, I was stuck at The Nightingale-Bamford School, where the shirts were short, the girls petty, and the teachers problematic. During my years, I avoided the cafeteria and developed a palate for delicious food. My time here allowed me to have my first racist experience, and was bullied for my racial differences, stubbornness, learning disabilities, and all-around confidence. But, don’t worry, bullying works! They made me feel inept, and I filled such a void with sarcasm. However, that sarcasm was carefully molded by television, thus starting me on the never-ending television guide of life. Today, I study Film, Theatre, and Marketing at Clark University. However, don’t ask me to recall too much of my time here. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, my time here has been a forgettable blur. With all the bad, there has been an almost equal amount of good, but every good artist draws from pain. Plus, who wants to hear someone write about all the good things that have happened to them.

Cheers! Faith

Listen to Faith interview Julia Zhang as part of ARA City Radio's Come Together segment.

Faith's Takes on Tape

Listen To Faith voice over Luxembourgish translation for ARA City Radio's Whine and Shine. Does she have the voice of a medical professional? There is only one way to find out. 
Faith loves pointing out stupid questions, and living in Luxembourg her question is what is thhere to do in Lux in the summer. Well? There's only one way to find out. Listen to ARA City Radio's No Stupid Question to hear the answer. 
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