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Food: From Rome to NYC

I like food. So much so that I adopted a middle name so that my given name, Faith O. Duggan became Faith O. O. Duggan aka FOOD. I like cooking it, I like ordering it, and I love tricking my friends, whom all happen to be top-tier cooks, weird how I've chosen to be friends with chefs... to cook for me. So here, I will have some of my favorite restaurants, recipes, and food-related experiences (both the good ones and the bad).  Click the button below so you can go to my forum and add suggestions. Bon Apite. 

My Food Journey

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During my short-lived time on this planet, food and I have had a special relationship. I liked good food, and I wanted a lot of it. Did I like McDonald’s? Not really, the toy was the only appeal. Did I like frozen process patties? I ate them at barbecues which was the only option for my snooty yet picky taste buds. Recently, some friends started to call me a picky eater, but I refused the name, so we coined the term: “selective eater.” However, merely a year later, that nickname doesn’t apply to me, I don’t eat basic things like eggs, macaroni & cheese, and potatoes, but I’ll shuck down oysters, slurp up garlicky escargot, and chow down on some goat yoghurt. So, this is a list of some restaurants I am glued to from the places I’ve been.

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Burger lover?

If so, click here.

Food for thought...

Whole Foods Love_Steak.jpeg

86th St Whole Foods Winter 2019

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